The TIMEPIECE® brand was established in 2018 at the beachside city of Long Beach, CA located in Los Angeles County. 

Our founder "unnamed" spent his college years at California State University, Long Beach. He would constantly sit, think and watch the years of his life continue to pass motionlessly and without purpose as he would still be reminiscing yesteryear. With the fascination of time and passion for streetwear, the thoughts of a brand arose.

TIMEPIECE® Los Angeles was brought into existence in order to promote the universal entity of time in terms of self-fulfillment. This is envisioned through our official mark which features an hourglass with submerging sand (life meter) that is encircled by a 12-toothed cog (perpetual 24-hour clock). 

The Culture

Our goal is to have our wearers uphold the standards of self-fulfillment through the means of art, expeditions and hobbyist explorations.

"We are all humans on Earth with the same mission: to live our life to the fullest." 

Due to this nature, our brand follows the theme of uniformity and "oneness" through our collections of modern unisex apparel and accessories.